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Hawaiian Gothic - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane This was a disaster waiting to happen but silly me ignored the red flags....

My fault - and Val`s of course! Her review here...

Shiny new book, a five star review from a trusted reviewer that made it sound like Hawaiian Gothic is the book of the year (yes, why not, maybe...if you like that kind of stuff....*coughs*).....and curiosity killed the cat...!

I should have been warned - red flags the size of a high-rise!
-"Gothic"...if in literature, in a movie or in fashion usually means something dark and weird.
-I read a short story by these authors I couldn`t finish...for exactly the same reasons why I "didn`t like" Hawaiian Gothic - it was dark and weird.
-"Hawaiian spirit world" - see dark and....

I`m o.k. with dark but with weird - not so much.

(The biggest mistake was to NOT read the part in Val`s review hidden under a spoiler tag....I wouldn`t even have tried to read the book if only...)

-I`m not an avid reader of dark/high fantasy,horror and science fiction, usually just got a bloody nose by trying...with very few exceptions.

Don`t get me wrong, I liked the first half of the book - it had 5 stars written all over it! A beautifully written, melancholy story of unrequited love, beautiful setting, just slightly creepy, HOT sex...great story!
It happened around 60%...Ori`s "visit" to the Hawaiian spirit world.
Three options:
-I lost the story...
-the story lost me...
-there was something in the water...

I don`t even know how to call it - abstract horror, or nightmarish surrealism, or imagination gone batshit crazy? A bit of everything I guess...
Avoiding stories like that all my life the only comparison I can come up with is the Tim Burton movie "Beetlejuice" - and believe me, this is far-fetched - how sad is that?...So not my world.:(
Truth to be told, huge parts from there on I didn`t even understand.
(Non-native speaker here, I found it very difficult to read...)
The somehow orderless narrative with a lot of short flashbacks not following a timeline needed getting used to but that didn`t bother me at first - on the contrary, I liked it. But after the famous 60% mark it just added fuel to the confusion.

What a relief as the story got back to "normal" but the damage was done - I couldn`t savor the beautiful ending...

I tend to blame the book (and sometimes the author - but secretly...) for not liking it but in this case I definitely was the wrong reader...no rating for Hawaiian Gothic.