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The Color of Spring Lightning - Jackson Cordd Gave it an extra star to compensate for the low overall rating this story simply doesn`t deserve.
The first book I`ve read in this time travel series that took all those little problems coming with traveling back in time seriously and the author carefully avoided the usual "slips".
A believable (!) if not very passionate romance that made me laugh out loud near the end. Will not say why that would be a spoiler but what is the very first thing that one would like to establish way before time when stuck in 1898? Oh my,...men!
And so gay...a not so small part of the story was fashion talk - what to wear, which color fits best and so on...and I didn`t get bored.
Not to forget the feels-real sex scene in this story that wasn`t particulary hot but kind of refreshing...come on, I get the real thing in a fantasy romance? o.O (And Jarvis really has to work on the dirty talk...)
On the minus side - headhopping! More than once in the middle of a paragraph.
I`m looking forward to Mr. Cordd`s next story.