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Allegiance: A Dublin Novella - Heather Domin 4,5 stars upped to the full five for saving my weekend!

I was considering giving up reading altogether after starting - or better said trying - to read around 10 books from my tbr pile. Most of them turned out to be not even worth adding them as DNF.
Why did I have to kiss ten frogs (payed for) to find a prince (for free)? Brrrrrrrrrrr.....

Allegiance was a well written story with a great sense of time and place, likeable "real" heroes, secondary characters I wanted to hug and slap around, heart-stopping moments (it took me a few seconds to remind myself that this is a romance...*phew*) and even one or two secretly blinked-away stray tears. Movie in the head - music in the ears!

Great story, the playlist kept me busy (made one of my own...), loved it!

And I will continue reading....;-)