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Bound: Forget Me Knot - H.B. Pattskyn To get it out of the way...
The book contains some pretty harsh BDSM scenes - no edge play or humilation/public exposure but....Ouch! If this is not your cup of tea....

Did the story have flaws (for me)? Hmmmm...yes.
What rubbed me the wrong way was the first/initial scene:
Putting a rookie-sub through the wringer like that? Uh....the stuff Henry put out of his BDSM toy-box (and used!) would turn Conan into a sobbing mess - just saying.
(Ok, after that poor Jason knew what he was getting into...no doubt.)
AND - at the end of the story Henry didn`t say IT back.....why?

The story is 24/7 Master/slave romance only.
No sub-plot but I didn`t miss one. After the MCs met at a S/F convention and their first weekend together I resigned myself to reading one sex/BDSM scene after another but - to my surprise - it turned out to be a very well written and thought-out may/december (22/40) love story between an experienced Dom and a young going-to-be sub. I devoured it in one go and snarled at everyone who dared to interrupt me....

I loved the characters.
At first I pegged Henry as an all-knowing Dom (would have been a pet-peeve) who always knows what`s best for his sub but again I was wrong. He - like Jason - had his doubts and fears. He was able to apologize for mistakes and knew when to back up or to stop in the middle of a scene and take care of his boy. He put the needs of his sub first and saw his role as a Dom more like everyday guidance and support. But - oh man, what a sexy, deliciously evil, kinky son-of-a-prick (his words - not mine...) He could charm the pants off the saintest monk...

No such troubles with Jason. I just wanted to hug him, save him from
Henry`s clutches (at first), save him from his unloving father and family, his on/off boyfriend Terry and non-supporting soon-to-be-ex-best-friends. I usually don`t like when characters cry a lot but Jason was an exception. I felt with him, understood his fears and emotional turmoil (and "Conan"!). Not once did he come across as whiny.

Another forte of this story was the "not trying to explain" Jason`s need to submit. Aside from his mother`s death there were no traumatic events in his youth or abuse. He likes to submit, being whipped, likes to be disciplined and someone telling him what to do. In short - he wants Henry and HIS collar, damn it!

The icing on the cake was the music.
The String Quarted playing Metallica as background music in a BDSM scene. That did it!

The String Quartet Tribute to Metallica - Master Of Puppets
"Say your prayers, little one".....how fitting....muhahahaha!
Later on I switched to Apocalyptica and I had a great book with a great soundtrack....made my day!!

I remembered a friend complaining in a review to H.B. Pattskyn`s first book about excessively using substitutes for first names like "smaller man/older man" and so on.
One of my favorite pet-peeves, too so I peeked at the expert to this book (oh, the cover!!!) at DSP through slightly spread fingers - ready to bolt but....they are gone. Vanished into thin air...thanks!