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The Charming - J.A. Jaken 2,5 stars upped to 3 - to be fair


Borrowing EmS words here - I hope she doesn`t mind -
what a weird hybrid.

After figuring out who (or what) Malachi was - somewhere in the middle of the book - I lost interest and skimmed through the rest of the book. So not my thing...

First contemporary with an air of danger and darkly foreboding it turned out to be paranormal BDSM erotica (the hunter charmed his prey into submission) that I didn`t find very appealing. Btw....this is not a romance.
Part of the blame goes to the publisher. The blurb and the tags weren`t very informative and I expected something entirely different.

Perhaps I would have managed to read it through but I didn`t like both MCs.
Malachi was the rich, cultured I-get-whatever-I-want guy (who served expensive red wine out of an ice bucket - I couldn`t get over it...) and more than a bit creepy from page one on (making him dislikable was intentional so not a niggle) but....
...Clay - was a divorced blue collar worker with a young son he didn`t really care for, aimless and spineless and what he saw in Malachi I couldn`t figure out. With a bit more backbone he would have walked away after he first met Mal and watch his son play softball instead - idiot!
He lost the love of his life, Jimmy - who plays an important role later in the book - early and tended to drown his sorrows in alcohol BUT....driving drunk? I don`t mind when assholes like him kill themselves but they always take someone with them....

As for the sex-scenes - all of them on the verge (or is it "on the edge"?) to non-con and as I said I didn`t find them appealing. They made a huge part of the story and...no, not for me.

Overall a disappointment that might appeal to readers who are more into supernatural/horror stories.