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Let It Go - Mercy Celeste DNF 50%

Usually I wouldn`t touch a Mercy Celeste book with a ten feet pole but I sent Let It Go as a present to a friend who loved Ms Celeste`s first book very much. Well, my friend hated Let It Go - with passion - and I wanted to find out what went so badly wrong....
I`m sorry to say I won`t find out. I was halfway through the story (with help of Skippy) but I couldn`t read on. The writing style made me want to pull out a machine gun....running amok...aaaaaarrrgh!
Totally overblown, stagy, dialogue like the cheesiest soap opera ever, characters acting like morons...I simply couldn`t.

I agree with Alex Ramirez short but spot-on review:
"Totally Unreadable"!