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An Immovable Solitude - S.A. McAuley Sometimes love is not enough....or is it?

Darn book made me blush...for jumping to conclusions like the characters did. So how could I blame them for being infuriatingly stubborn, hurt without trying to find out the truth, making the wrong decisions because of being young and immature, not being able to ask how the other feels or thinks? I couldn`t...

A stunning, sometimes sad and almost quiet romance, a bumpy journey to happiness with surprising depth - multilayered main-characters who felt very real, great dialogue, vivid settings that came alive before my eyes - movie in the head! (How the author described the allure of the Great Whites made goosebumps...). A colorful set of secondary characters I came to like - multilayered as the MC`s and not one of them superfluous.
An easily flowing, very well written and gripping story where nothing was as it seemed at first glance, shivery-good love-scenes (no, not sex scenes - wouldn`t do them justice)) that perfectly fit into the story, a blinking-tears-away HEA (readers will need that lifeline!)...and I fell in love.

I won`t go into the story here, the risk of giving away spoilers is too high and I think everyone should experience this beautiful I-want-to-hug-it-book for themselves.
Highly recommended!