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Art Criticism - Blue GhostGhost 3,75 stars

Already several good and thought-out reviews here so I don`t have to...

I had a rocky start with Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Prima-Donna.
I thought the author tried too hard to make them opposites and went a bit overboard in their characterizations.
On top of that not a small amount of typos and kind of a hyphen-mania distracted me all through the first part of the story but it was nice (oh, the dreaded word...) enough to keep me reading.
Shortly after 50% it happened - I started giggling and later full out cackling for the rest of the book and I have no idea why - it wasn`t that funny.
Perhaps because the hyphens were completely gone and it was some sort of relieved aftermath...
O.k., it was funny and admittedly very cute - cute story, cute characters, well written smut (not too cute but the dirty talk was...).

A better title for the story would have been:
The Art Of Embracing A Cactus