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Be My Bad Boy - Faolan Kurayami 2,5 stars

They were so cute!!

Gemini "Little Raven" and Ryker "Teddy Bear"....that rang a bell.

Shy, reclusive Little Raven...

met bad boy biker Teddy Bear...

and with a little help from verrrrrry well-meaning friends...

...and lots of chocolate they instantly fell in image

There was a greedy, ill-meaning uncle who hurt Little Raven and even a mystery about stolen artifacts that lead to some pretty rough action scenes...
I mean....riding on a bike in the rain with only one leather jacket to protect Little Raven from getting soaked through - that was dangerous! Teddy Bear could have catched a cold!!!

But with the help of Little Raven`s multi-talented housekeeper Mrs. Kensin...image
...everything was solved rather nicely in the end and our heros finally, FINALLY could make sweet, sweet love...
Bild hochladen

(That`s where I really got in trouble. Imagine a sex-scene - sorry, LOVE-scene! - where the characters call each other "Little Raven" and "Teddy Bear"!!)

Normally a story like that would put me into a sugar-coma but thanks to the images popping up in my head (see above) Be My Bad Boy was a fun read.

Thanks to Annet Rudolph (Illustrator) and Nele Moost (Author) of
" It's All Mine!: Or the Little Raven's Mischief " for the fitting (scarily so...) images!

[bc:It's All Mine!: Or the Little Raven's Mischief|2664708|It's All Mine! Or the Little Raven's Mischief|Nele Moost|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328807140s/2664708.jpg|2689936]