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Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne DNF 76%

Highly unbelievable but enthusiastically written GFY.
From straight cop to "Oops...I love my partner" and readily embracing the gay lifestyle
in a heartbeat.
Suspending disbelief this was a fun read with characters who - after coming together - were very sweet and lovey-dovey together but what killed the story for me was - of all things - the enthusiastic writing:

"His soul had achieved enlightement..."
"And, in an instant, his life began. Warmth spread through him, and a surge of obliterating joy. A steamroller of bliss crushed him, overwhelming and welcome. He would be made new by this, and he craved rebirth into a life in which this was his whole reality..."

We`re talking about a 69 here...!

That was too cosmic-karma for me...DNF.