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How to Save a Life - Sloan Parker 1,5 stars

The half star is for the first 20 pages that had me laughing out
loud and the really nice cover...

Now I know why How To Save A Life cost 7,99 USD.
Not because it`s a long book or for its outstanding quality(!).
No, it`s because an evilly snickering plot-worm gets delivered right with the book (not cheap, the little guy...). Prefered meal....action-scenes!
I`m really sorry to say that but the suspense/mystery part was - from chapter 20 on - a disaster. Unrealistic, full of plotholes (the worm!) and inconsistencies.
And how the book managed to make me first liking the MCs and then - through the course of the story - getting me to the point where they just grated on my last nerves...that was memorable.
These charas were not just unrealistic but borderline TSTL. AND they pulled the age-gap discussion through up to the last page...whine, whine, whine....GOD!!!
The sex scenes...I think `lukewarm` puts it nicely...

Don`t click on the spoiler tag if you want to read the book!!!
Just a few examples...

The holes in the walls - what were they for, how did they get there in the first place? The old factory building was completely redone by Vargas and no one noticed the empty spaces in the walls (how thick are the walls, this is not an old castle!) where 3-4 grown men easily fit in but that were leading nowhere? As a storage for stolen goods and hiding place for Prescott, okay, but how did HE know these holes were there? He couldn`t have teared down the walls and digged the holes by himself - too much noise and where did he put the debris? Just asking...

The elevator - brave Kevin! Wedging his mobile between the doors to keep them from from closing, jumping in the elevator to pull an unconscious Dylan in his arms and out of the elevator - trying to get him away from the elevator and Prescott in one quick move - after he got his head smashed against the wall and feeling more than a bit dizzy. All the while Precott stood with them in elevator. Hmmmm....what did he do? Letting Kevin try and and idly watching? But coming after him faster than before...huh?
What I want to say with that - the time flow in ALL action scenes was wrong! They couldn`t (or shouldn`t) happen like they were described. Another example is the incident I mentioned in the status update...
Btw...you can`t kick a phone away when it`s tightly wedged in the crack betwen the doors, you have to pull it out.

What bothered me the most was how EVERYONE was absolutely defenseless against a - mostly unarmed - Prescott. Even an ex-cop should have some tricks in self-defense up his sleeve even when he doesn`t have a weapon and less muscles. But no one stood a chance. I don`t know, was he some kind of Hulk or Superman with magic abilities - making every `enemy` or victim paralyze in fear? A group of six men - five of them weakened but in a room full of BDSM tools that could be easily used as weapons, but all they did was shivering in fear of an unarmed Prescott and trying to get away, leaving our heros Kevin and Dylan to fend Prescott off. And how Walter finally shot Prescott as he held Kevin captive with a weapon held against Kevin`s neck. There`s a reason why no one usually tries that shit - stupid and very dangerous for the captive. Well done, Walter - risking the life of your boyfriend like that!
Rant over...

If the only thing that keeps me reading a book is waiting for the next hiccup to keep me entertained (and awake) something is seriously wrong.
Overall a very disappointing read...