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Weight of a Gun - Elizabeth Hyder, Cornelia Grey, Gryvon, Sumi, Lydia Nyx, Penny K. Moss, Peter  Hansen Two DNFs in this anthology but they didn`t influence the overall rating. To 100% a matter of personal taste.
The third good anthology by Storm Moon Press I`ve read. Seems like this is the publisher where to look for them...

Bounty Hunter by Cornelia Grey - 5 stars

I love it how Cornelia can make me happy without a HEA or HFN....great story!

Changing The Guard by Peter Hansen - DNF

I have enough trouble with the English language I don`t need Terranian tech talk on top of that.
The kind of sci-fi I don`t like and can`t read...

The Machinist by Gryvon - 4,5 stars

Dark story, rough D/s, gun play, no trace of romance but open end and sequel in book 2.

My Rifle Is Human by Sumi 3,5 stars

Imaginative story but girly bits and a highspeed HEA spoiled the fun a bit.

In The Pines by Lydia Nix - 4 stars

Uuuuuhh....creepy! Subtle and well written goosebump-horror.
Can I have more?

Compromised Judgement by Penny K. Moss - DNF

I don`t have the patience to push myself through a mountain of complicated names for the sake of a rating...not for me.