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Weight of a Gun II - Gryvon, Scarlet Blackwell, Cornelia Grey, S.L. Armstrong The Inquisitor by Gryvon - 4 stars

The sequel to The Machinist and....oh no!....again an open end!
I really like Avery`s and Harrow`s story but now I have to wait for the sequel to the sequel...grrrrrrrrr...
I think this is as far as consent can go without getting destructive. Great fantasy/SF setting (at least in my book - I don`t have to deal with strange names and gizmos...), rough smut and the beasts were lovely as ever. One beast in particular was starting to show emotions - who would have thought.:)

Playing With the Big Boys by Scarlet Blackwell - 3,5 stars

Typical Blackwell-PWP.
Non-consent turns to grudgingly admitted consent through sheer lust.
Dear Caleb...denying Leon the condom? Who`s the criminal now...
Note, the second:
"Scalding flood"? Nope, just body temperature. Even Big Boys are just human after all.:)

Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders by Cornelia Grey - 5 stars

The allure of a deadly weapon...
Great storytelling, unbearable sexual tension. I`m a bit spellbound here...

Very good anthology - definitely recommended!