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Don't... - Jack L. Pyke I will do what the guy on the cover suggests - not revealing anything.
The book is a huge fucking tease and I think it should stay that way.

Just some technicalities and thoughts...
Don`t... is not a mystery/who-done-it. For readers who love to figure out who the bad guy is...DON`T even try - that`s impossible.
A lot of crumbs through the course of the story but they are all misleading. E-reader-bitingly so...
Character AND plot driven the story is complicated, twisted and requires patience...it`s worth it!
Sometimes it felt like switching between contemporary and some alternative universe but that might be just my imagination...

For a Thriller/BDSM themed book I found it pretty tame. Not too violent, not too graphic, not too dark. BUT the story is erotically charged like connected to a power point. No need to worry, the sex doesn`t overpower the plot - `just` two sex scenes and two BDSM scenes (I don`t count blowjobs and minor stuff) but....(insert ice cubes)...

Great characters. MCs, secondary - all of them!
The Mcs: Jack, flawed and volatile - a loose cannon.
Jan, gentle and rather ungently thrown out of his comfort zone. I must admit I underestimated him big time.
But my favorite was Gray, the Master Dom. Powerful, mysterious, dominant...a walking wet dream. A character who triggers hidden cavewoman(man) instincts.;-)

Perhaps I should mention that I loved this book to pieces...