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Stage Fright - Pender Mackie Read to 50%, skimmed to DNF 70%

1. I hate getting dumbed down.
2. I hate getting preached at.

This is it - the gay romance for the well-behaved christian housewife.
Telling her what her husband tried to get into her stupid little head all along.
Women visiting a male strip show are disgusting randy shit-faced bitches in heat - eager to grope muscular dancers every which way they can and spread their legs for every stripper who snaps his fingers after the show. Of course for the men it`s absolutely legitimate to put them up on their offer - they are just afraid of getting old...
But there is this poor gay dancer - Jesse, afraid of coming out to his fellow strippers, with a jealous asshole of a boyfriend - Val, who thinks Jesse`s debasing himself by getting groped by said disgusting randy bitches - but they are professionals, they can deal with that, right? These two are holier than holy and would be better off in a monastery!

Worst of all the story is very repetitive - means the message really gets hammered home!
I came across misogyny in m/m romance before but this book takes it to a whole new level.
Sad to say it doesn`t surprise me very much that this was written by a female author.

Harsh review?
Yes, and deservedly so.
Rant over!