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Taking the Gardener - T.J. Masters DNF 50%

Some glimpses of good writing especially in the beginning, but I stopped
taking this seriously after the flashback to Eric`s younger self and his first steps into the BDSM lifestyle. - An experienced Dom talking about safe bondage but sending his sub in training home with a stranger and clearly inexperienced Dom...yeah, right!
From then on it mostly was roughed up Sir/boy vanilla sex - or better said... bad porn. I pulled out my binoculars to search for the BDSM mentioned on every page but for the life of me I couldn`t find it...
Through the course of the story I disliked the "Dom" more and more. An arrogant, self centered and annoyingly careless ass who should be taken down a notch or two, IMO.
I don`t mind cheating in my m/m stories - if it isn`t played down as negilibility as it happened here.
Not my story...DNF