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But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This (Homework Verse, #1) - Nyxocity 3,5-4 stars

Typical online-smex-fiction....sex in every chapter.
Average teacher/student lovestory with - admittedly - good character development.
80% of this story were sheet acrobatics - seriously hot - D/s but nothing hardcore - very graphic and detailed, with impressive stamina from both MC`s and the meanest orgasm delay I`ve ever read.
That got to the point (somewhere in the middle) where I thought `don`t you have anything better to do, guys?` - and the dirty talk " Oh-my-God-Jesus-fucking-Christ" got a bit aggravating but all in all this was a hot piece of erotica that was a touch too long. It took stamina to read it through...