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Fettered - Lyn Gala It took me by surprise how much I disliked this book.
I absolutely couldn`t relate, not to the story, not to the characters.
I felt sorry for Dylan - unable to stand on his own two feet he got handed over by an overbearing Miss Dolphinia from an overbearing mother (there had to be a reason why he became submissive, right?) to an overbearing Dom instead of simply walking away. He sure as Hell loved to wallow in misery. And there it was again - the combination weak sub/controlling Dom who came to the rescue with a whip attached to his hip.
The older brother as over-the-top villain was as unbelievable as the sister. Again the question - what kept her glued to this family? I didn`t get it. The perils of Hotel Mama....

I struggled through this book with lots of skipping and eye-rolling. I guess the one-thousand-and-one blushes from Dylan in numerous shades of red kinda fascinated me.