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Chance Assassin: A Story of Love, Luck, and Murder - Nicole Castle 4,5 stars

Let`s start at the end and why I didn`t give the full five stars.
As much as I liked Vincent`s - the hot-blooded, underage rookie-assassin - voice as first person POV, as much as I laughed and cried with him, fell in love with Frank - the cold-blooded super-assassin - right with him; the HEA was kind of a let down. This is a romance and they are supposed to live happy ever after but did they deserve a HEA in retirement without any reprimands? Um....no!
For once I would have prefered a bad ending to an unusual and highly entertaining romance. Going down in a hail of bullets - in a blaze of glory, Bonnie and Claude-style - would have made this cotton candy for depraved minds-story a truly outstanding read, IMO!
Might be just me - forget it...;-)

I found the character-developments of Vincent and Frank - through Vincent`s eyes - fascinating. Slowly revealing the why`s and how`s throughout the story in bits and pieces - kept me glued to the pages.
A violent and passionate love affair coming from imperturbable, well placed trust at first sight.
I don`t want to think about what would have happened to Vincent if he didn`t meet Frank. On the other side it would have saved many peoples lives. The corpses pile high on our two lovebirds roadtrip of death and destruction.

Great secondary characters - sleazy Charlie, Frank`s handler who saved Vincent from the streets and later his worst enemy, Frank`s chosen `family` - his little brother Casey and some really scary women...
Very well written story without a single boring page, a lovestory without angst or unnecessary conflicts (as funny as that may sound) - loved it.

If you want to know if this is a book for you just take a closer look at the cover...the bleeding heart isn`t meant figuratively...

Warmly recommended!