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Seeing Red - E.L. Esch, Fiona Jayde 4,25 stars

I`m putting this right between Witness by L.A. Gilbert (not as lighthearted) and After The Fall by Sarah Goodwin (not as bleak).

It is still possible.
Telling an entertaining, funny, cute, romantic, HOT, but lastly serious story (coming from me means shuffling everything a bit to the darker side...these tags shouldn`t be mistaken for "sweet"...*g*).
I call this joyful storytelling - walking on the beaten path but dancing off left and right.
Seeing Red isn`t BDSM, even if it`s already tagged as such. Playing rough with a collar and a leash and a smack on the butt here and there doesn`t make BDSM. Well written Sex scenes that show the love and respect (I have a thing for that) these guys feel for each other in every word and action. I`m pointing this out because they felt `fresh` and different - and I`ve read MANY! And surprisingly I had no trouble putting up with the noises Silo made - usually a pet peeve of mine.

The story? Well, I liked it very much, means I won`t reveal anything, you have to read it for yourselves.
Feels-real-dialogue, wonderfully portrayed MC`s in a story told from Red`s point of view. Great secondary characters, important to the story but not taking over - it`s all about Red and Silo falling in love and making peace with their pasts.
I didn`t rate it five stars because of Tito. His appearance wasn`t really necessary to show me how much Red loved Silo and was willing to do for him.
Anyway - this is a great story (I said that before, did I?) and warmly recommended.

Note to my friend Ami: `Baby`! ;-)