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The Zebra Striped Shirt - Cameron Vale Rating this quickly before I`ll recover from the shock and come back to my senses...

This book is one huge gathering of pet-peeves and I gobbled it up like there`s no tomorrow.
I don`t even know why I bought it - it wasn`t the blurb or the cover, unknown author on top of that - it must have been a vibe...read me!

I had some eye-blinking moments - "huh...where does that come from?" - as I read the book, because I kinda misunderstood the blurb.
And that`s my problem now, because describing all main-characters involved in this story would be a spoiler the size of a high rise.
But the spoiler is what made the book for me...darn it!

Hmmmm...okay, the pet-peeves:
Love at first sight - for once I believed it.

Writing style - full of metaphors. But if I would highlight every quote I liked the book would glow.

A crying and self-destructive sub - he had every reason to.

"I don`t deserve him/ I don`t know what he sees in me" - admittedly that`s a good question. (As if love would ask first, Mister...)

Every cliche of the fashion world you can think of - hmmmm, are they?

A "I know what`s good for you"-Dom - well, he DID know.
(stern, confident, gentle, and scary as fuck - YOU are my man...rawrrr!!)

The BDSM-philosophy - the real thing? I soooo didn`t care.

An open end....well, let`s wait for the sequel, I`m nothing but patient.

A sad, disturbing, VERY emotional story with great dialogue and multi-layered characters I loved to bits - simply beautiful!

Must be the worst review ever.
To be continued...