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Thorns - Feliz Faber That puts me in an awkward position - the third beta is piping up...
Eden and Val did a very good job of reviewing Thorns and giving it the rating it deserves, so - what to write?

I`ve known Nic and Louis for years. First draft, second draft - they were like old friends to me.
Then Feliz sent me a new version with the succinct comment - "You won`t recognize it anymore".
So true.
I was all "Huh...what happened to the story? Who is Will, who is Francis?
Wait a moment...Francis? OH GOD! An alpha male! Give me more, MORE!"
Somehow I have the feeling I got what I wanted - more Will and Francis - less Nic and Louis. (If Nic and Louis are your favorite couple - all the complaints to me, please.:))
In the end it was Will and Francis love story, a great story about the world of horseracing and Nic and Louis story remained a bit of a mystery. I liked it that way, I loved the story how it is and got everything I want from a romance. Intelligent plot, likeable characters - not to forget Will`s wonderfully pushy boss - a well fledged out mystery and really nice smut.
So what about Nic`s and Louis` story?