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Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt Somewhere between 30/40 % - right after the first sex scene - the plot didn`t go downhill - it jumped off a cliff.
Kate points out the flaws of the story - no need to do it again.

Just my thoughts about these two lovely characters...

Chase - treating the one he just had sex with worse than dirt under his boots. If this is his way of expressing grief he doesn`t deserve compassion or even love, but a well placed kick where it really hurts.

Elijah - either he`s a masochist (or as Kate said a `martyr of love`) who thrieves on being treated like shit OR he should get his head examined.
And while he`s at it - just thinking how often his heart skipped a beat - I strongly recommend a long-term ECG.

I can`t remember the last time I disliked book characters that much...