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Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox Well, Half Moon Chambers is a former DNF - I deleted my negative review and now I`m trying to figure out what the Hell happened to completely change my mind.

The culprits are two previously read books - My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. and Brothers Of The Wild North Sea by Harper - and my back!

The couple in Chambers reminded me of Malloy and Crispin from My Cowboy Heart - a big plus, and I really liked Harpers prose in North Sea, it fit there to a T. In comparison to that book the prose in Chambers was toned down and there went my complaint about it being purplish. From annoying to appealing...

And most important - my back did hurt as I read the book (It still does, just sayin`...).
Vince - first person POV - has a bullet lodged in his back and lives in constant pain. On top of that he`s kind of an accident prone and has a knack for making it worse all the time - what made me feel better.
How he managed to fall in love, have passionate sex, and solve a case in that condition was ENVIABLE! I didn`t find him annoying like the first time I read this - he whined and moaned and complained, well, yes, of course he did, that HURTS damnit!! Means - I could relate and just wanted to hug him - or smack him for pulling stunts that just made me shake my head...MEN!!
There is a certain testosterone level required for climbing twenty storys up (with the help of Rowan who could show Vince on that occasion that he`s not so frail as he looks...tseh...romance authors!) to your flat in the clouds when you had a shitty day, hurt like hell and the elevator`s broken. The other half of the human population (those with the oestrogenes) would call a taxi, spend the night in a nice hotel and send the bill to the landlord.

Cutting this short now - I had a great time reading this story, even the chemistry between Vince and Rowan was suddenly there.
Sometimes it really just depends on a reader`s mood (or health*g*) if they like/feel a story or not.